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Offering Copper, Steel and Aluminum on Metal and Mineral Pit
Tehran, Nov. 12 (SENA) - On Monday, November 12, 2018, the metal and mineral trading floor of Iran Mercantile Exchange will play host to offering of 3,920 MT of copper rod, 2,000 MT of copper cathode type II, 60 MT of copper slap, 500 MT of billet and 1,000 MT of 1000lb aluminum ingot and 1,600 MT of HRS.
Nov 12 2018 - 2:39
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700,000 Barrels of Oil Sold at IRENEX
Tehran, Nov. 12 (SENA) - National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) sold 700,000 barrels of light crude oil at Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX) at the price of $64.97 per barrel on Sunday, the second offering day of oil at the capital market, Tasnim news agency reported.
Nov 12 2018 - 2:24
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Regulations for Private Equity Funds Finalized
Tehran, Nov. 12 (SENA) - Deputy for Supervision on Financial Institutions at Securities and Exchange Organization Saeed Falahpour announced approval of the regulations for private equity funds by the board.
Nov 12 2018 - 1:07
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